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Canadian guitarist, composer, arranger, and educator Antonio Cocuzzo is known for his unique style that blends many diverse musical traditions. These include Jazz, Classical, Rock, and Worldly musical styles from Brazil, Argentina and Italy that amalgamate to create a memorable sound that pleases audiences.

As a guitarist, Antonio demonstrates virtuosic versatility on both electric and nylon string guitar. He is a seasoned musician with experience in the studio and on the stage. Antonio’s musicianship has been described as “always in service to the music at hand and displays the mastery of contributing the right notes at the right time”. (Dr. Kim Perlak, Chair of Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music)


Antonio’s portfolio includes recording guitar for Film/TV, studio-session work and playing in many diverse ensemble settings which make him an adaptable and sought-after musician in the industry. His abilities sit atop a strong musical education as he has studied in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in performance from Berklee College of Music.


Cultivating a unique brand of nylon string guitar playing, Antonio incorporates elements of jazz and classical guitar as well as rhythms and idiosyncratic elements from the Brazilian guitar tradition. Using extended techniques such as harmonics, harp scales and creative uses for the open strings of the guitar, Antonio is blazing his own trail and developing his own voice on the instrument. His most recent projects include a dynamic rock fusion instrumental EP called “First Steps", which features his tasteful and commanding skillset on the electric guitar. In addition, his latest album called “Travels” is a contemporary Jazz/World music influenced album showcasing his ability to compose compelling music that paints beautiful sonic landscapes for listeners.

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