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Manufacturing-control systems are the core expertise of SOFLEX. With its control technology, SOFLEX offers a complete pallet of software products for entry into digital production control—from dynamic, detailed planning and job control all the way to fully automated workpiece and resource provision.

Automation example

ProjectManufacturing-control system at Merz Maschinenfabrik
Project startJune 2014
Project endMarch 2015 (first stage)
ApplicationSOFLEX control system version PCS 4
CompanyMerz Maschinenfabrik GmbH
City, country72379 Hechingen, Germany
IndustriesMachine building, single-cylinder circular knitting machines and automated circular knitting machines for the production of medical stockings and compression products
Products deployed
  • SOFLEX control system version PCS 4
  • Interface to CAD/CAM system for the exchange of NC program and tool data

Automated equipment:

  • Two machining centers with the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640
  • Two machining centers with the HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530
  • Four setup stations for automated material provision
  • Robot on a linear axis
  • Shelf as storage/buffer for workpieces and materials

Automated stand-alone machine:

  • Machining center with pallet pool and the HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530
At a glance

Project started in June 2014:

  • Construction of the automated system with setup stations, storage shelf, robot, and four already existing machines with a pallet pool (control: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530)

Alteration in April 2017:

  • One machining center was removed from the automated system and continued to be operated as a stand-alone automated machine remaining integrated in the control system

Alteration in October 2017:

  • Integration of a new machining center (control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 640) into the automated system

Alteration in April 2018:

  • One of the older, already existing machines was replaced by a new machining center with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 
Benefits for customer
  • Integration into the internal corporate digital data stream
  • 24/7 production; the storage space with machine pallets enables provisioning of the machine even during unattended shifts
  • Shorter cycle times for production jobs thanks to dynamic prioritization based on delivery dates
  • Automated production starting with lot size one
  • Time savings for setup processes thanks to the automated provisioning of raw materials to the setup stations
  • Manufacturing quality optimization thanks to guided processes and the visualization of additional data at the setup stations
  • Machine and operating data acquisition for subsequent evaluation and optimization
Project link
Contact personsSOFLEX: Johannes Haar, Johannes Klaiber