Indunorm Bewegungstechnik GmbH

Indunorm Bewegungstechnik is a supplier of linear motion technology and handling systems. Indumatik workpiece changers automatically load the machine tool with blanks and remove the finished parts—including during unattended shifts. Indunorm provides advisory services for the automation of existing and new equipment. It also both plans and produces tailored solutions as a single provider.

Automation example

ProjectAutomation of a machining center with Batch Process Manager from HEIDENHAIN and Indumatik? Light 120
Project startJanuary 2019
Project endJune 2019
ApplicationProduction of single parts and small series
CompanyDESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH
City, country28832 Achim / Germany
Industry Specialty machine manufacturer with in-house production
Products deployed 
  • Hedelius Acura 65EL
  • Indumatik? Light 120
  • HEIDENHAIN Batch Process Manager
At a glance
  • Pallet automation for flexible manufacturing with different types of workholding
  • Flexible automation solution for single parts and small series
Customer Advantages
  • Unattended third-shift loading of pallets into the machine
  • Low machine cost per hour due to unattended shift
  • Increased productivity thanks to high spindle operating times
  • Setup during machining
  • Easy operation thanks to Batch Process Manager from HEIDENHAIN
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