EVO Informationssysteme GmbH

The software manufacturer EVO Informationssysteme develops software solutions exclusively for the manufacturing industry. Its products include the PPS/ERP software EVOcompetition, the production data and documentation management system EVOjetstream, and the machine data acquisition software EVOperformance.

Automation example

ProjectDigitalization and networked production
ApplicationEVO industrial software
Products deployed 
  • EVOcompetition (ERP/PPS system)
  • EVOworkforce (PTT/HRM system)
  • EVOteamwork (messenger system)
  • EVOjetstream (EDM/DMS system)
  • EVOtools (tool management)
  • EVOperformance (PDA/MDA system)
  • EVOcrosstalk (EAI system)
At a glance
  • Software solutions for medium-sized manufacturing companies
  • Modular system
  • Machine- and system-independent
Benefits for customer
  • Process analysis
  • Digitalization of processes
  • Networking of machines and systems
Project linkwww.evo-solutions.com/de/
Contact person EVO Informationssysteme, Mr. Jürgen Widmann