EROWA is known for its workholding systems and advisory services in process automation. The company’s “Flexible Manufacturing Concept” forms the basis for its leading-edge solutions in the realm of small-batch and single-part production. CERTA Systems GmbH provides the necessary software and process advising. The process control system from CERTA integrates itself into all common applications from the CAD/CAM and ERP/PPS worlds, and automates workflows involving machine tools, measuring machines, robots, and handling equipment in a production setting.

Automation example

ProjectAutomation of a Fehlmann 5-axis milling center with an EROWA Robot Dynamic 150 Linear
Project startApril 2017
Project endAugust 2017
ApplicationProduction of parts ranging from delicate watch parts to high-quality aerospace components
CompanyHelfenstein Mechanik AG
City, country6055 Alpnach / Schweiz
Industry Aerospace, medical technology, gas detection technology, watch industry, machine-building industry
Products deployed 


  • Fehlmann Versa 825 with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 640


  • EROWA Robot Dynamic 150 Linear
  • EROWA UPC chucks and UPC pallets
  • EROWA rack magazine
  • EROWA loading station

Process control system

  • EROWA JMS 4.0 ProductionLine
At a glanceThis flexible, lean, and extremely user-friendly automation solution complements the machine, making it a highly productive machining cell with “Made in Switzerland” credentials.
Benefits for customer
  • Significant increase in machine uptime while providing the flexibility needed for handling short-notice orders
  • Completely unmanned production outside normal operating hours and on weekends
  • Fully automated production of demanding, complex prototypes and small-batch workpieces
  • Exceptionally user-friendly equipment operation

EROWA AG: Alois B?ttig