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Cellro develops solutions for an intelligent, automated production environment featuring modularity and flexibility. In this landscape, humans and machines work together to achieve optimal efficiency. Small and medium-sized machining companies can maximize their profitability.

Automation example

ProjectAutomation of a GF Mikron HSM 600 machining center with a HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 control
Project startJanuary 11, 2017
Project endAugust 24, 2017
ApplicationCellro Compact 1500
CompanyHSieben Maschinentechnik GmbH
City, country6336 Langkampfen, Austria
IndustrySupplier for metal removal machining
Products deployed 
  • Cellro Compact 1500
  • GF Mikron HSM 600
At a glanceVarious types of products were to be manufactured in the machining center. These products were to be automatically clamped onto one or more pallets and completely machined. The customer desired an automation solution in combination with the machine from a single provider. This was possible through Cellro and GF Machining Solutions.
Benefits for  customerGreater spindle efficiency on the machine and higher production capacity. It was possible to manufacture in a single shift, rather than two, as well as over the weekend, which was the main requirement.
Contact person Cellro: Michiel van Buul
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