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Broken Whispers

Release date: May 5, 2012







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Don’t Give a Damn

Release date: February 2, 2013



“Anto . . . is an amazing musician and vocalist and has the talent to do anything he wants to do and to go anywhere he wants to go.” - Mark Lewis, Rock Over America 


“The music business is a mystery now. Every rule has changed and the way people find music and follow artists is completely different than just a few years ago.” Anto just released his latest single, “Don’t Give a Damn” and while he hadn’t planned on being an independent artist, the change in the industry has given him opportunities he didn’t expect. “Being independent is never boring! I love that I have to learn so much. One minute I’m writing code for a website and the next minute I’m in the studio, producing a song.”

Once signed with the famous German studio, House of Music Entertainment, Anto and his band Summerline collaborated with industry professionals like director Robert Broellochs (Melanie C, Shaggy, The Cure etc.). One of their songs was featured in the music film documentary, “God Smoked”. “Everything was a whirlwind and it was very exciting but the industry changed so quickly and suddenly we were making plans for a world that didn’t exist anymore.”

Summerline parted ways and although Anto liked the comradery of being onstage with a band, he knew it was time to go solo. “I know some people feel like there are too many independent artists out there now so no one is getting heard, and it is hard but I love that it allows musicians to be free. I don’t have to fit into a mold, I can be myself.” Lately he has collaborated with the director and producer, Piergiuseppe Zaia, the founder of Master Track Productions.

Anto was born in Milan, Italy but taught himself English. He also taught himself to play piano and has composed music in genres ranging from punk to pop to orchestral pieces for soundtracks. “I’m still learning. One of my regrets is that I didn’t receive any formal training about how to make music. Everything just came from my heart and I’ve learned the technical stuff along the way.” Equipped with a diploma in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute, he has been as hands-on with his music as possible. “I want to let the world hear what’s in my head; I want it to be real. The more I learn, the more I know who I am and what I want my music to say.”

Songs from his first two EPs and his newest single “Don’t Give a Damn” have played on independent radio stations across Europe and the United States, and he’s been reviewed and interviewed by magazines in countries as diverse as Russia, Germany and his homeland of Italy.

“Standing on a stage and looking out at people who respond to my music, watching them move and feel what I’m doing, it’s the only sensation I understand completely.”


“WOW this is brilliant one of my favorite artists so far…image is wicked, vocals great, songs excellent, hooks all over the place, with a strong production… I am amazed at the tone of the vocals, can’t wait to hear more, Anto has a huge future if handled right.” - Andros Georgiou, AGE


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All I Want For ChristmasDecember 13, 2013

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Anto – Burton or BooksNovember 10, 2013


Anto – You Move Me (NEW RELEASE)November 3, 2013

You Move Me – Lyrics Guess I kinda froze, locked into a pose Everything slipped away Lost inside your smile, erasing all the miles I don’t know what to say Distract me, entrance me You look back at me and time loses place I’ll never take for granted that you are my saving grace. Oh you move me, move me I Read More...



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Don't Give a Damn

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